East Carolina University’s Department of Coastal Studies is committed to advancing coastal science and providing solutions to North Carolina’s coastal and marine issues by integrating the expertise of scientific leaders across disciplines including natural and social sciences, engineering, and health. By conducting cutting-edge research and partnering with coastal communities around the world, we have developed quality educational programs that provide students with the skills needed to increase their understanding of the natural and social aspects of our coastal margins. The department bridges coastal research communities across ECU’s Greenville campuses, its Outer Banks Campus, and our partner institutions, serving a leadership role in addressing interdisciplinary coastal and marine issues.


The Department of Coastal Studies’ mission is to perform transformative education, conduct interdisciplinary research, and build inclusive partnerships to address coastal challenges and foster the well-being of people and environments.


How we work

Our approach to coastal and marine issues integrates the expertise and insights of scholars and practitioners in the natural and social sciences, engineering and health, and the humanities. We conduct innovative research and develop quality educational programs to prepare students to successfully understand and address the natural and socioeconomic complexity of our coastal areas, all while bridging coastal research communities across ECU’s Greenville campuses, the Outer Banks Campus, and our partner institutions.