Current ICS PhD Students

2023 Cohort

Student Information:
    • Nelson Adeniji
    • Daystar Babanawo
    • Daniel Reed
    • Madeline Roth
    • Sarah Radel
      • Research Interests- Data Science, Geospatial Science, Climate Change: Adaption, Mitigation, and Resiliency
    • Rebecca Reibel
    • Zackary Shepard
      • Research Interests- Conservation Psychology & Environmental Anthropology. More specifically what factors influence decision-making among fishers and in coastal and marine spaces
    • Alexandra Stevenson

2022 Cohort

Student Information:
    • Jillian Eller
      • Research Interests- Marine renewable energy, marine spatial planning, and local knowledge that can influence the implementation of marine energy technologies. 
    • Mary-Margaret McKinney
    • Mariela Victoria Garcia Vega
      • Dissertation- Influence of institutional arrangements and their implementation on the effects of coastal squeeze on mangroves
    • Kelly White-Singleton
      • Research Interests- Sustainable tourism and recreation, environmental planning, conservation, rural economic development, community engagement/community-based research
    • Kimiya Yousefi

2021 Cohort

Student Information:
    • Kinsey Blumenthal
      • Dissertation- Mosquito biodiversity and dynamics of mangrove restoration: implications for human and wildlife infectious disease
    • Jacquelyn Moore Flanagan
      • Dissertation- Comprehensive Assessment of Wave Energy Potential along the Northern Outer Banks, NC: Integrating ICESat- 2 Satellite Data and CDIP Buoys for Cost-Benefit Analysis 
    • Megan Elizabeth Geesin
    • Allyson Genevieve Ropp
      • Dissertation- An Interdisciplinary Assessment of Wooden Shipwreck Stability in a Shallow-Water Tidal-Fresh Ecosystem
    • Mahesh Tapas
      • Dissertation- Integrative Analysis of Policy Changes for a Coastal Watershed: Implications for Agriculture and Ecosystem Health
    • Georgette Louise Tso
    • Rachel Marie Wheatley

2020 Cohort

Student Information:
    • Jaclyn Best
    • Samantha Farquhar
      • Dissertation- An integrated modeling approach to assess the impact of industrial fishing on coastal communities’ food security: a case study from the Arctic
    • Maria Gomez
      • Dissertation- From Ecosystem Services to Public Health: A Comprehensive Analysis of Mapping, Tracking, and Quantifying Health-Related Services
    • Jason Kops
      • Dissertation- An Analysis of the Effect of Flood Risk Beyond FEMA Designated Floodplains on Property Price and People 
    • Shalimar Moreno
    • Yicheng Xu
      • Dissertation- Exploring the influence of environmental, socioeconomic and demographic factors on high tide flood risks to coastal communities and the development of associated risk management strategies

2019 Cohort

Student Information:
    • Genevieve Guerry
      • Dissertation- Human Response To Environmental Degradation: Case Study Of Chemical Contamination In Wilmington, NC
    • Kyra Hagge
      • Dissertation- The future of wastewater treatment in Coastal Areas: Linking socio-economic and natural systems using social capital and Agent-based modeling
    • Elnaz Pezeshski
      • Dissertation- Coastal watershed climate adaptation: increasing coastal watershed resilience to storm-induced soil salinization using a novel concept for capillary valves
    • John Edward Sabin, III
      • Dissertation- Socio-ecological Restoration at the Boundary: Integrative Monitoring in South Florida’s Conservation Areas