Marine Fisheries & Conservation

Marine fisheries continue to supply much of the world with high quality protein while providing livelihoods, income, and jobs to millions of people living in coastal environments around the world.  Yet the list of social, environmental, and economic problems facing marine fisheries has grown over the past century in ways that threaten these ways of life and undermine the ability of fishing families to provide quality food products to coastal and inland populations.  Social and natural scientists in DCS are exploring diverse aspects of fisheries including impacts of frequent tropical storms on fishing communities, coastal and marine policies designed to privatize fish stocks, transformations of working waterfronts, and disenfranchisement of artisanal fishers.  In addition, we explore the use of marine conservation efforts to sustain fishery resources and to effectively protect marine and coastal ecosystems, such as mangroves. 

Affiliated Faculty

Qubin Quin