Semester Experience at the Coast Faculty

Dr. Reide Corbett – Dean and Director, Integrated Coastal Programs. Fields of interest: Nutrient cycling, shoreline change, estuarine sediment dynamics, coastal geomorphology, marsh accretion.

Dr. Linda D’Anna – Research Scientist. Fields of interest: Cultural and social considerations in our understanding of coastal and estuarine systems and resilience of social-ecological systems

Dr. Lindsay Dubbs – Research Scientist.  Fields of interest: Biogeochemistry and ecosystem-scale ecology; the influence of offshore energy generation on coastal marine ecosystems.

Dr. David Griffith – Professor. Fields of interest: Environmental change and migration, coasts as borders, labor and immigration, fishing communities.

Dr. Stu Hamilton – Professor. Fields of interest: Remote sensing, GIS, and quantifying changes in nearshore environments and other estuarine processes.

Dr. Nadine Heck – Assistant Professor. Fields of interest: Marine protected areas, natural resource management, marine governance, climate change adaptation, quantitative social science methods, multi-criteria analysis, GIS.

Dr. Qubin Qin – Assistant Professor. Fields of interest: physical transport processes, physical-biological interactions, coastal environmental issues, and model development.

Dr. David Lagomasino – Assistant Professor.  Fields of interest: Use of satellite, airborne, drone, and ground measurements to identify areas of coastal resilience and vulnerability.  Relationships between remotely sensed spatial data and stakeholder exposure and sensitivity issues for coastal/wetland management and ecosystem valuation.

Dr. Jim Morley – Assistant Professor. Fields of interest: coastal ecology, fisheries ecology, climate variability influence on marine populations, habitat use and transitions between life stages in marine species.

Dr. Mike Muglia – Research Associate Professor.  Fields of interest: Understanding high-frequency variability of the Gulf Stream, quantifying hydrokinetic energy resources from the Gulf Stream, and water mass dynamics off of NC.

Dr. Siddharth Narayan – Assistant Professor.  Fields of interest: Coastal hazards and sustainable adaptation solutions, applied science for policy and decision-makers coastal ecosystems restoration and management for risk reduction.

Dr. Eric Wade – Assistant Professor. Fields of interest: livelihoods & adaptation to change, fisheries governance, conservation psychology, environmental decision-making, conservation as development (marine conservation, development in Latin America and the Caribbean, colonialism, resource use, development, and conservation, science – policy – practice interface), social science research methods.