Andy Keeler

Andy Keeler has been a Pirate since August 2010, joining the Department of Coastal Studies after eight years in ECU’s Department of Economics. Prior to joining ECU, Keeler was a professor of public policy at the John Glenn School of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University. Keeler served as the senior staff economist for environment at the President’s Council of Economic Advisers where he was a member of the U.S. negotiating team for climate change and a diplomatic representative to OECD meetings on coordinating national sustainability policies. He served on the White House climate change policy teams under both President Clinton and President Bush. Keeler has also worked as a senior economist at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Innovative Strategies and Economics Group and for the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He has served in advisory capacities to legislative and executive agencies in Georgia, Florida and Ohio, as well as at the national level.



University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Economics with Honors, B.A. 1979

University of California-Berkeley, Agricultural and Resource Economics. Ph.D. 1991


Professional Experience

2010 to Present: Program Head, Coastal Public Policy, UNC Coastal Studies Institute

2010 to Present: Professor, Department of Economics, ECU

2008 to 2010: Professor, John Glenn School of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University

2004 to 2008: Associate Professor, John Glenn School of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University

1997 to 2004: Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Georgia

1991 to 1997: Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Georgia


Other Professional Experience

2000 to 2001: Senior Staff Economist, President’s Council of Economic Advisers, Executive Office of the President, Washington, D.C.

1999 to 2000: Senior Economist, Innovative Strategies and Economics Group, Office of Air Quality Programs and Standards, U.S. EPA, Durham, N.C.

1996: Visiting Lecturer, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

1987 to 1991: Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of California-Berkeley

1986 to 1987: Economist, Sigma One Corporation

1985 to 1986: Consultant, World Bank

1982 to 1985: Economist, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, posted to Marketing Development Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, United Republic of Tanzania

1981 to 1982: Vice-President, Sigma One Corporation


Selected Publications

“Climate change mitigation policy in Ecuador: Effects of land-use competition and transaction costs” Land Use Policy (in press).  Joint with Daniel Ortega-Pacheco and Shiguo Jiang.

“Responding to Sea Level Rise: Does Short‐Term Risk Reduction Inhibit Successful Long‐Term Adaptation?.” Earth’s Future 6.4 (2018): 618-621. Joint with Jennifer Irish and Dylan McNamara.

“The economics of electricity generation from Gulf Stream currents.” Energy 134 (2017): 649-658. Joint with B. Li., A. de Queiroz, J. DeCarolis,  J. Bane, R. He, & V.S. Neary, “A Modest Proposal For The Extension Of Nonmarket Valuation Methods.” Economic Inquiry 54.1 (2016): 719-724.

“Permitting, Risk and Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Development.” The Electricity Journal (2013)26(10), 64-74.  Joint with Lindsay Dubbs and Teri O’meara

“A Coupled Physical and Economic Model of Coastal Real Estate Response to Climate Risk”  2013  Nature Climate Change.  Joint with Dylan McNamara

“Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services Provided by Oyster Reefs”. 2012 Bioscience, 62 (10), 900-909.   Joint with  J.H. Grabowski, R.D. Brumbaugh, R. Conrad, J. Opaluch, Charles Peterson, Michael Piehler, Sean Powers, and Ashely Smyth

“Going Green Together? Brownfield Remediation and Environmental Justice” 2012.  Policy Sciences, 45 (4), 293-314.   Joint with Adam Eckerd

“Sea Level Rise, Government Policy, and Economic Efficiency”. 2012. The NC State Economist August.

“Hybrid Institutions”: Applications of Common Property Theory Beyond Discrete Property Regimes” The International Journal of the Commons 4:1, 2010, pp. 571-596. Joint with Laura German.